My Brush With Gone Girl


This post does not contain spoilers.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book which so enthralled I could just zip through page after page and have hours pass between them. When I find novels that provide  inviting voices, bold plots, and characters, I latch onto the author and read through their resume of work. Most recently I’ve found this in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I had seen her books on the shelves of my local library, I’ve seen plenty of people pick it up and check it out, and finally something in me decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did.

Usually I’m content with straightforward fiction, you know, Tales of Ordinary Madness and the ever prevalent protagonist in search of truth and justice only finding woe and a big, belly-full laugh from the universe. Though I love a depressing read, I’ve had a hankering for a book with more excitement to offer, a faster pace, and tone.  A thriller. From the jump Gone Girl held my interest. There was tension and varied perspective, Flynn’s diction was unexpected and refreshing, the writing was ballsy and so were her characters.

I’ll admit, I have the tendency to turn my jaded nose up at books sitting on best sellers lists and book club reads. I imagine them flimsy, kitsch reads for those who really don’t know literature, but alas, I have been humbled. In the three days it took me to complete Gone Girl, I’ve told many a person, from multiple mountain tops to READ THIS BOOK! If you want twists, characters with truly warped states of mind, and toe curling anxiety till the end, Gone Girl’s for you.

…I will be seeing the movie, I’m like my middle school self when Harry Potter came out in theaters. Comment below if you’ve read it, or are planning to.


6 thoughts on “My Brush With Gone Girl

  1. Thrillers aren’t my thing either but a cousin of mine wouldn’t leave me alone until I broke down and read Gone Girl. I don’t think I cooked dinner for my kids for the three days it took to read it ;). I couldn’t put it down. A little apprehensive about the movie, but I’m sure I’ll see it.

  2. I’ve seen this book everywhere and I’ve gotten a little…annoyed? resentful? of people suggesting it to me. Most likely because when my reader friends realize I haven’t read it, they’re astounded. Like I can’t call myself a reader. But I trust you and should definitely give this a try!

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