A Rambling on the YOLO Life

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So you have dreams, who doesn’t. Dreams change, they stay the same, some make it, some don’t. Some say, “Failure isn’t an option,” but life dictates another reality. There’s something to be said for those who don’t give up, but there’s also a degree of clarity for those who’ve arrived at that narrow corridor of the status quo. What’s giving up anyway? For you it might mean never having achieved New York Times best-seller status, for some it might be falling out of the routine of writing, singing, or whatever it was that moved you to pursue something greater than what was expected from you, or what you had expected of yourself.

As of late I’ve been evaluating and reevaluating my dreams or life goals. Grappling with the facts of my life and the ambitions that might be more hindrance than attainable, whether or not what I thought was worth it, is in fact worth it.

I remember one day I had visited the Humans of New York Facebook page and found a picture of a man self-described as a “Failed writer.” When he came to the conclusion that his writing would be going nowhere, he changed careers. With every new position the man found a way to make it enjoyable. This man had the right idea, but acceptance and wisdom also comes with age.

Lately I’ve been reading and hearing a lot from the world’s go-getters who give themselves a hearty pat on the back for chasing their dreams and doing whatever it is they want, because screw it, they only have one life to live. YOLO? I read a lot online about not letting finances hold you back and how folks are doing themselves a great disservice by getting the 9 to 5 steady paycheck, or relishing in the phantom three day weekend. To these people I ask, how far up your own ego are you willing to crawl?

Achieving the average state of grace isn’t a testament to the man breaking your spirit, nor is it symbolic of American culture being at its cultural worse (kind of). Not everyone gets where they thought they were going to go. Life throws curve balls taking you elsewhere, people change and with that their ideas about who they are and what they want to be as well. Life takes money. Money begets money and most aren’t born into a world where choices are made easier because they were born wearing a money padded diaper.

Everyone isn’t destined for “greatness.”

Ever think about how many of your desires are driven by the pursuits of others? Is greatness the number of followers on your social media pages? Why do we let the fanaticism of celebrity dictate our goals? Everything’s a popularity contest, even though it has been proven that the cool kids in high school make great losers in adulthood. Popularity and Instagram fandom have people foaming at the mouths. Where had our dignity gone?

Growing up takes, self-awareness and responsibility. In a new world choc-full of YOLO, faux-rebellion, responsibilities and compromise are child’s play.

I think I’ll go find myself a wifi-less commune to live on now.



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