Contact Us

PWIf you need us for any reason (though, we hope that you need us for something pertinent to this blog), you can email us at


That or you can send over an owl.

DISCLAIMER: Um, trained owl who sends mail for free? We will keep that owl. We apologize in advance.

We’re also on Twitter! We’re @poorwriters. Complain along with us!


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. “That or you can send over an owl.” hehe 😉 nice … Can I borrow? only… do not send owls, send doves 🙂 (I have a few already flying around my blog)

  2. Love this site! Particularly the website design, and the versatility of your writers. I’ve just started up a blog (predominantly writing based) and so I thought making some friends in the blogging world might be a good start, so I can learn the ropes. I’m actually looking for a couple of guest bloggers, if any of your writers would feel so inclined.

    Most of all, I wanted to drop a friendly comment 🙂 i’ll most certainly be following your blog


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