It’s Winter, But We Can Deal

Look how optimistic that title is. I’m trying to be a little more optimistic. Just a little. Like when people ask me, how are you? I’m trying to say fine like a normal person and not always say terrible. I’m trying to eat more vegetables. Smile at strangers. Whistle. It’s not really working out.

Anyway, so this is supposed to be about winter. It’s freezing out. It’s snowing, it’s icy, it’s cold. It may make you want to die, particularly when you wake up and have to get dressed and go to work. Have no fear! There may be some good things about winter after all. Here they are:

  1. Sports


There are some good winter sports. I just started working at a ski resort, which is fun, but you can also go sledding and sliding on the sidewalk on your way to work. Also, falling on ice always makes your day more exciting/memorable/painful.


  1. Hats

Stack of hats

Your hair is probably going to constantly look terrible from being stuffed into a hat over and over, fighting against the frigid cold trying to make its way into your brain. Cover it up with a hat! Never too many hats.


  1. Christmas


That’s over, move on.


  1. Warm drinks


They warm you up after a long cold day outside. Also they leave a weird feeling on your tongue and are usually expensive.


  1. Snow!


It will get everywhere and trap you in your house! Stock up on milk and bread because winter will makes us all agoraphobic.


6. Health


Rosy cheeks! Better hair! The inability to breathe regularly or feel your hands! It’s all here till March so get excited.


That’s it! Hope everyone’s enjoying the season! Stay optimistic!


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