Three ways to enjoy the holiday season

Benihana Christmas One party

If you’re not interested in simply gritting your teeth and pushing through the holiday season, I have some tips to help you through the duration of December with a remnant of your sanity intact.

1) Don’t leave your house

This is probably the biggest reason you’re feeling stressed. Going out shopping and seeing people purchasing expensive items, especially with cash, is sure to make the mug you picked out for your parents look like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Instead of venturing out into the wild, do your shopping at home. This way you’ll be clueless as to what everyone else is buying and be able to relish in your sensible gifting finds.

2) It’s best to avoid excess caffeine

Sure, caffeine puts a little zest in your step and it might help fight off depression, but it can also heighten feelings of anxiety and leave your body dehydrated. The last thing you’ll want to have happen, while shopping in an overcrowded and over-heated store, is to have a panic attack while feeling like a sock is stuck in your throat. Bring some water, lose the coffee, and hope for the best.

3) Set a spending limit with friends and family

Money is a huge issue this time a year. Most people feel like they don’t have enough of it. The best way to counter the inadequacy blues is to set a spending limit on gifts. This way no one has to feel guilty and everyone can better enjoy the company around them without fear of being judged for the amount they spent on a gift. With the money you save on gifts, why not donate a percentage to charity.

This year make spending time with the ones you love a priority!


A Post About Office Wear


This will be a post about clothes, I swear, but first: I have a new job — amongst my freelance writing gigs — and that job is retail.

What’s more, I actually like it.

I know. It sounds odd, but there’s obviously something inherently lonely when blogging all day, hearing your own voice edit and try to spin stories into something at least amusing. I craved people and at least making someone laugh that wasn’t my creepy self as I wrote blog posts.

So that’s why my new gig at a museum gift shop is so refreshing right now. For one, I have to show up at the shop, which is nice if not unusual for freelancing rookie me, who just has to log-on wherever she is at the specified time. I also have to have a scheduled lunch, which reminds me of school in a fun way because I’m now assigned Think Time. Seriously, it was like a reboot to my creative juices having this extra think time during slow moments at the shop — when I’m not eyeing the Jane Austen merch that is. It’s doubly nice because the people around me are all creatively inclined along with being in retail, which I find hopeful and interesting. Artists, actors, media…we’re a nice mishmashed bag of dreamers. Continue reading

The Poor Writers Go to Brooklyn Flea Market and I Search for Toys


We headed to the Brooklyn Flea Market this Sunday because we wanted to find treasures, possibly find something vintage, possibly something with history, possibly a Pokemon card (which was my goal, essentially). We ended up almost getting run over by the bike race (cough, cough, Devin) and making friends with the Dough guy (Imani). We did find tons of treasures too, but we just didn’t buy them.

It was a nice day to do it. The writerly weirdoes we are loved the oncoming storm and semi-rain as we sat and ate on the cement ground. My allergies were hell, but it didn’t get in the way of me enjoying the day. I was just more mucus-y about it.

We found a collection of really random things, like wooden spools or empty tobacco tins. We sorted through racks of second hand lace dresses, which prompted an interesting story idea for Imani, Devin looked over old maps for her walls, and the sentimental part of me went through wooden drawers full of toys, feeling nostalgic. I did try to find Pokemon cards (no such luck) but also a Demetri action figure. Continue reading

A Brief Thought On Fashion Sense: Make The Most Of What You Own

“I love your look, it’s so…it’s so…bohemian.”

I'm flattered, albeit confused at times.

I’m flattered, albeit confused at times.


I hear this often and sure enough, I take it as a compliment, though it’s a double-edged sword at times. My look is composed of faded denim, Kahlo inspired floral printed dresses, and 70s obsessed trousers and blouses. Truth be told, it comes together out of sheer randomness, and budget tended pockets.

Typically I recycle my threads throughout the seasons until they are threadbare; which people often mistake for faux distressed thrift finds as if I’m some closeted rich hipster. Having to rummage through my closet and dresser drawers for outfits does have its benefits.

1. It forces me to get creative with what I wear.

Total badass.

Total badass.


Having to put a fresh spin on a played out top, dress, or whatever else has given me a keen eye to spot small accessories like a belt, hat, or even a lipstick to give it a different feel. Make good with what you have. Expensive clothing doesn’t equal style.

2. I’m able to prioritize.

Buying the trendiest of everything isn’t important to me. I’d rather allot that money towards a nice dinner with friends and family, use it to travel, or save it for the days where binge drinking coffee (and other things) is a necessity.  Plus, saving money for quality pieces that’ll last close to a lifetime is something to keep in mind also. Quality over quantity.

Whenever I get frustrated from lacking a plethora of style options, I tell myself  “don’t sweat it, you won’t be a poor writer forever.”