A Rambling on the YOLO Life

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So you have dreams, who doesn’t. Dreams change, they stay the same, some make it, some don’t. Some say, “Failure isn’t an option,” but life dictates another reality. There’s something to be said for those who don’t give up, but there’s also a degree of clarity for those who’ve arrived at that narrow corridor of the status quo. What’s giving up anyway? For you it might mean never having achieved New York Times best-seller status, for some it might be falling out of the routine of writing, singing, or whatever it was that moved you to pursue something greater than what was expected from you, or what you had expected of yourself.

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Going through the Motions, a Romance with Coffee


I wonder sometimes if I even like the taste of coffee or if I’m just in love with the production of it all — as if I can’t start my day unless I ease into it with boiling water, milk, mugs, and sugar. As if I need something to compliment my toast or donut (it’s bread. It doesn’t need anything really.)

I posed the question to my fellow Poor Writers yesterday, “Did they ever feel like they used coffee to feel like an adult too?”

We all agreed. Yes. Yes, we did.

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