I’m Going to Embarrass Devin


Dear blog reader, if you don’t already know, this blog is brought to you by three very different women — though, when pressed, we’ve heard that we’re very much alike — pursuing a dream of writing, unabashedly. I’m very scared to share my stories or to even talk about my opinions, especially since I’ve been in New York where people are very blunt and dot like my Southern hugs, and in meeting Devin and Imani, they’ve made me realize many things about myself.

One, it’s OK to be open about wanting to be a writer. They’re my first go-to when I want to talk about writing difficulties and need readers or want to try something super cliche and New York-y, like vintage shopping in Brooklyn.

Second, they’re OK if you get lost while trying to be cool and New York-y, even if you are failing miserably and end up a different address to the cool vintage shops you swore would be there and end up eating instead. I think we always end up eating.

It’s been a crazy season of changes for all three of us, so we’ve only met a smattering of times over the past couple of months. It’s sad in how it reminds us that we’re growing up but it also saves us money from buy pies and crepes all the time.

So, our dear blogger friend Devin is doing us proud and finishing up her final semester of study, then hauling ass out of the city for a bit. Imani and I are stupid proud mama bearing it, but of course, I know we feel the change. We usually defer Devin to making the obvious yet biting and sarcastically put decisions for us. She will be the first person to tell me to “stop talking” when I get into a weird circular story. She’ll let me sit close to her and sniff the black coffee she’s sipping since I quit drinking this summer. Actually, that was a secret. She didn’t know I did that, so she probably won’t sit near me now.

But we know she’s going to do a great job wherever she is, and that her post-graduation life will bring her many an awkward story for the Poor Writers Blog and for her later writing. That’s really what you want to do post graduation: stock up on awkward stories to win at bar mingling later.

So while we may not have been to as many 90’s nights or Write-Ins together this year, we’re still going to keep this blog and our long text thread going. It’s the only way for our sanity and the awkward scenarios we get into.

Best of luck Devin. Remember that there’s always a desk somewhere that we can share and awkwardly situate ourselves if ever need be.


3 thoughts on “I’m Going to Embarrass Devin

  1. you da best. I’ll always miss our intern desk.

    Also, apparently my ability to get lost but still think I know exactly where I’m going is not limited to New York, it’s happened about every day so far out here

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