Procrastination’s Three Faces


burgerThis has been the kind of week where little makes sense and everything was too complicated. Now, I could look at the big picture and tell myself, “You’re going to make out alright,” but I won’t. Instead I’ll focus on the small frame in front of me and stare at it. I often set weekly goals for myself and alas, few were met thanks to my old pal procrastination. Many a day has passed with a pen in my hand, quivering mad with anxiety and the fear of failure. Failing at what? I’m not totally sure, but the feeling is real and to get over this  I’ve found myself interested in the most peculiar things. Here’s a few of them.

1. Interior Decorating 


I have no visual talent when it comes to interior decorating yet I’ve been obsessed with creating an office space in my bedroom. I’ve mulled over desks and chairs, have measured out rugs and potential beanbag seats instead of a traditional set up and no, the space still hasn’t come together. My fantasy bedroom involves a massive bed, a beautiful bookcase with precious books, and of course, a decadent desk where I’d feel like a supreme smarty pants.

2. Gym Ratting 

For the past  month or so, I’ve become gym obsessed. I wake up, eat some almonds, down some milk, and I’m out the door before 7. When I’m there I’m a beast with complete focus. Treadmill for 30, weights for 25, topped off with more running, and then ab work. Who has time for writing when you’re getting ripped? Not only does the gym help me harness my anxiety, but it’s also refreshing and gives me a feeling of accomplishment went I finish. Take that notebook.


3. Reading

Some people might read to better themselves, but I use reading as an avoidance tactic. If I’m safely tucked away with a book I’ll have something to talk about besides my writing and can get away with talking about someone else’s. Win-win. While reading is one of the best ways to study and improve, let’s face it, I’m just stalling.



Now that I’ve noted some of my odd habits of procrastination, maybe you’ll realize your own and conquer them. Giving in is fine from time to time too.


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