The September Slump: Here are some videos that will either inspire you or help you procrastinate

I always suck at doing things this time of year. Well, most times of year, but this time in particular. So I decided to sit back and let some other people do this post for me. Here are some videos which will either inspire you to do things, or help you procrastinate and not do those things. It’s your choice.

Kid President

Do I hear 2016? This kid makes me want to shoot for the moon. (And, of course, dance.)


Ira Glass: The Gap

Ira, you always know exactly how I feel. Marry me.



John Green: For all the students

You’re teachers probably are dumb, though.



You Poked My Heart

Ok, so this may not be applicable to the inspiration, but it will definitely help you procrastinate. Plus ohemgeee children fighting is amazing.



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