We’re All Submitting to a Journal, Our Writing Gauntlet


We’re going to all submit to a journal together! Huzzah! Here’s why:

I haven’t been writing fiction in a while. I’ve spent my days blogging about celebrity culture, using key words like Kim Kardashian and “is so-and-so single?” which isn’t that bad of a work day really. But I’ve been wanting to come back to fiction. It’s easy to get roped off from writing what you want when you decide to take on writing current events as a profession. I’m plum tired trying to keep up with myself too. I feel like I spend almost ninety percent of my time at my keyboard now, typing for work, or typing for this blog, or typing a message to my mom, or typing to try to write.

It’s weird that I have to remind myself that I love writing to the point that I questioned it in the recent months, but inevitably, I remember. It’s why I laid this gauntlet down to my fellow poor writers at the beginning of the month. It started out as a simple e-mail about a journal I wanted to submit to, then bam! I hooked them by asking if they would do it too, if only so we can egg each other on to submit something this fall.

That’s our Poor Writer goal this month, submit something this fall to a journal. It sounds easy enough, but when you’re like me, writing fiction — writing for fun even — has fallen on the way side. So that’s why I decided to do it. Devin and Imani keep me going with this blog (so many times I realize that this amazing project of ours would never work if I chose to do it on my own), so I figured that why not force them to help me get back into fiction.

Here’s the deal: we all have to submit something to a journal, print or online, for the Fall. Right now I think we’re all going to submit to the same journal to keep us on the same schedule. Our deadline is November 15.

In the mean time, we write or edit. Our first deadline is October 1, where we will email our stories to one another to ask for critique, like a workshop, and then we’ll go from there.

So far, it’s helped me keep myself straight, reminding myself I can’t just renege on this promise because I have two people doing it with me. I spoke to Imani the other day about it, how we’re getting along. Imani seemed positive, saying she was at the point of writing where she was in love with writing again. I, jealous but always happy to hear that writing can come to that point — it’s so promising! — asked her about it and told her where I was. Hearing that she was making such headway encouraged me to keep going with my own weird piece.

Granted, I was super nervous to share it with the other Poor Writers at first, but I realized that I need those pair of trusted eyes to see it. If I was nervous to share it to the two women who I share a blog with, then I clearly wouldn’t be ready to share it with an editorial team at a journal.

So I challenge you to take up our mantle. Join us and try to submit to a journal you love this season. Or at least give us some tips? Please?

Fine. We don’t need you.


Okay, kidding, we appreciate you anyway. You don’t need to do anything.


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