Self-help Books Instead of Self-destruction, Please


This past Sunday I was at the library with my mother when she picked up Sonja Rhodes’s The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match and handed it to me with a hopeful smile. Surprisingly, I wasn’t offended and didn’t meet her suggestion with throws of laughter. I guess I figured this was her way of giving advice while simultaneously attempting to ensure grand children in her future. So, I checked it out and gave it a read.

Though I’m not well versed in dating books, Rhodes gave provided insights which I’ve already found helpful. It’s not that I didn’t know a lot of what she mentioned (like not settling or blaming myself for everything that went wrong),but sometimes all you need is for someone to reiterate what you already knew, like don’t date fixer-uppers…or gamers (I through this one in for good measure).

Summer was ripe with failed romances and inconvenient life lessons. I usually don’t make my romantic life known until I feel confident in the direction the relationship is headed.  This year, however, I decided to let myself emerge, thin-skinned from my hermetic writers egg and be swept up in the stellar current of romance to see where it took me.

It didn’t take me very far, but initially I was hopeful. I had met someone at a housewarming party and we had a natural chemistry. Sharing a similar mean-spirited humor, we hated Guardians of The Galaxy together and discussed topics of the day with an equal level of intensity. Things were good for a while and then the ball dropped as it tends to at the two to three month mark. I won’t bore you with details, but alas, it ended.

There’s something reassuring about advice books. They let adults know they are not alone in their desires, whether it be love, or to conquer tricky Apple technology. Give a couple how- to’s a try as not all are fluff. You might take away something valuable and at the very least, a fresh perspective and how to implement your knowledge in the future.



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