Are you all lying or am I just dumb?


The other day us poor writers were sitting around, eating crepes and grumbling about things–one of the things was namedropping. A lot of people (writers, I’m looking at you) namedrop writers and books that they don’t really like or haven’t really read, just to sound literary and intelligent. We all had different examples of friends with Facebook books-that-changed-my-life lists that were utterly unbelievable.

Grumble, grumble, Nutella, grumble. That’s usually how our meetings go.

But after a little while of “War and Peace? Give me a break,” Georgette brought about a terribly self reflective moment-“Wait, is it just us?”

Have people really read all of Tolstoy? Do they know everything about James Joyce? Have you actually read all the books on your Facebook “Top ten books that influenced me” list?

I don’t know. Maybe we are the only literary idiots. But if not, I ask the world to stop valuing one author over another, or one knowledge of one genre over another. Basically, please don’t judge me when I tell you I hate Shakespeare and have never read The Sound and The Fury. If you have, good for you, if not, tell everyone the truth and laugh at it over Nutella.


2 thoughts on “Are you all lying or am I just dumb?

  1. Yes!!! I couldn’t agree more…I’m so over the looks of shock I get as an English Major when I tell people of books I either haven’t read or gave up on because they bored me.

  2. Oh good, you feel it too! I think people just need to chill out and realize there are so many awesome things in the world, no one will ever read everything, and it’s way too stressful to try.

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