Career Contessa Is the Pick Me Up for Any Job Hunter

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If you’re like me or if you are human, then you’ve felt down on your luck before when it comes to job searching. We here at Poor Writers are always down on our luck when it comes to job searching, mainly because we are a blog driven by hopes and self-pity.

I’ve been let go recently, and very much like a baby tossed into the lake by its parents, instincts kicked in immediately to buoy myself up. Friends were surprised at how chipper I was over the entire situation. People continued to be taken aback by my news, which I dropped on them in a careless, carefree way to be reassuring and to stave off any pity. Others tiptoed around me, gave me encouragement, waited for me to break.

Then I did.

I broke hard, and I rolled into a taco in my bed and watched episodes of Her and Him and took naps and ate a lot of barbecue potato chips. During vulnerable times like these those silly “20 Things Every Unemployed 20-Year-Old Should Know” get clicked and scoffed at, and I immediately shut my computer in a huff. All of that aspiration is not good when you’re in the depths of a barbecue potato chip coma. What is helpful is hearing about real women and their stories and how they ended up in stable careers, like what I found on

It’s not a site like Monster or Indeed — full of listings and promise. Instead, they do features on different careers and you get an idea of how women found that job, how they struggled too, and how they spend their day-to-day at work.

As someone lacking direction, other than towards the snack aisle for more potato chips, I found this a helpful and encouraging source.


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