My Diary (Not really, though. You can keep reading.)

UnknownPeople always say you should keep a journal. (Yes, people. All of them, including me.)

They say you should write every day. I don’t do that. Mostly because I’m lazy, but also because I’m petrified. I’m scared of writing every day, of writing too often, of becoming really, really boring. And I know this is very stupid, and I’m about to try to talk myself out of this fear. Here goes:

Dear Devin,

Write more often. You will learn by writing. By writing boring things, or stupid things. You learn by making boring and stupid things interesting. Some of your favorite writers (David Sedaris, Haven Kimmel) can write about a dumb, five minute talk with a friend for chapters and have you rolling on the floor laughing.Write about things like that.

But also remember that you don’t always have to make it interesting. You can just write something horrible. Something really boring, like your thoughts on button up tank tops (Is it casual? Is it professsional? I just don’t know.)

Your fear of being boring is keeping you from writing anything substantial. It’s easy to write really good sentences, or characters sketches, in an hour or two, but it’s terrifying to commit to a story and follow through, tie everything up and put something of your own dumb thoughts into it.

It’s your old (boring) fear of commitment, of giving yourself to something that may not work out.


You can move on to the next domino, dumb child, and so can you, dumb Devin.

So start keeping a journal. A place to write down the mundane things. Keep a word document open for longer than a day, follow a story through, tie it up, send it out.

Maybe to motivate yourself you can get one of those little pink diaries with the lock. Then you can feel like a writer-princess, which is definitely a thing.


Or maybe you can just stop being scared of boring. Embrace it. Let it teach you to write and lull you to sleep.

Goodbye and good luck-



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