I’m About to Read “On the Road,” Help



I just rented “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac from the library. I’ve never read it, and I’m trying to read the classics I’ve never read.

But I’m a little scared. There are a lot of feeling floating around the internet, and the real world I guess, about “On the Road.” About feminism mostly, and also about how to read. I guess it might make me think about whether I can like a book if I don’t like the main character, or the author. Or if I disagree with certain sentiments. Or the whole book altogether. I don’t know.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ll keep you updated. But for right now, here’s some internet talk:

“Whenever anyone tells me they “adore” On The Road — which doesn’t happen that often because I don’t hang out with sixteen-year-olds — I can’t help but think she or he isn’t particularly well-read, just eager to come off as adventurous, spontaneous, and/or sexy.”

-Jezebel: Why Don’t Women Like Jack Kerouac?


“If you want to read a boring story about the adventures of young man, which ultimately land him nowhere, read On the Road.”

-Examiner: On the Road- Defining an age of sexism and laziness


“Because, when it comes to literature, or any kind of writing for that matter, its all about how solid that writing’s terrain is for me, no matter how cracked or barren or shaky this terrain may be for a woman.”

-FBomb: For All Feminists Looking Forward to “On the Road”





2 thoughts on “I’m About to Read “On the Road,” Help

  1. It was a tough read for me. I have so many male friends who love it and I can see why, but it’s too indulgent (stream of consciousness). Let’s discuss after you finish!

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