The Millennial Meal: Granola Bars


There was a time, long, long ago, that I was excited about grocery shopping. I had just moved out on my own, first time out of a dorm and with no meal swipe card, when meal planning felt like a statement. I felt in charge. Adult. Inspired.

That lasted about two days. Maybe five meals.

I soon realized how much I ate. I mean, I’m hungry all the time. I eat breakfast, and then I’m hungry again, lunch, dinner, second dinner, etc. It gets to be a lot of food. A lot of money. A lot of time and energy.

And so I, as so many of my comrades before me, have fallen to the granola bar meal. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s a handy dandy guide.


The Classic Chewy

This bar brings me back to the days when granola bars were just a snack after school, a lovely treat in between a carefully packed lunch and a lovely warm dinner—it was great. As a meal, though, this bar falls short. I eat the whole box and want more, plus dessert.


The Sweet and Salty

I crave these all the time. So if you’ve never had one, you might not want to get hooked. As it is, they’re about a mid level meal—you might not be satisfied, but they’ll definitely hold you over. There are so many flavors you’re brain might just be tricked into thinking you have eaten a healthy, well-balanced meal (it still might be questioning the healthiness of your overall life/diet though. Just concentrate on the wonderfully contrasting flavors and forget about trying to make a salad.)


The Chocolate Covered

This is the bar your mom told you about. I feel like such a grown up when I eat it (don’t smirk) because as a kid, this definitely would have been a dessert bar. I eat it for breakfast and feel like a rebel.


The Clif Bar

These are too hardcore for me. Sure, they fill you up, but it also feels like you’re nibbling on a brick. Worth it if you’re starving to death or rock climbing, otherwise, I’m gonna have to say no.

Kind-Bars-GiveawayThe Kind

So my theory about these bars is that they’re fine. No matter what flavor, you cann always pretty much see all the flavors, so that’s probably good. I always feel like I’m being tricked, though, like maybe I don’t actually like them, I just want to be the kind of person who likes them (you know, saving the earth, loving others, peace). And I don’t want my identity to rest on the granola bars I eat. So I rest my case: they’re all right.

0001862743164_500X500 The Perfection, aka: Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut

These are my favorite. I admit they’re sort of a splurge, and a niche (a lot of people don’t like dark chocolate, or coconut) but they’re just so good. That’s the extent of my food writing skills: hey guys, theses are good. (I also like most of the other Kashi bars, too.)


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