Trying to Keep My Clothes From Falling Apart (or: Life)

Everyday I wake up about five minutes before I leave my apartment. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and sometimes literally get dressed in the dark. If I have a lot of energy and positivity, I’ll put on some makeup and a few pieces of jewelry. If not, I’ll leave looking as-is and calling it natural.


Lately, in the next couple of hours, I-

1. regret my decision of not wearing makeup in the fluorescent light of The World,

2. decide it really is worth it to buy a second (and third) cup of coffee, and

3. find 1-3 holes in my clothing. Usually in the seams, usually noticeable only by me, but sometimes just publicly undeniable.

Sort of like this, except not on purpose.

Sort of like this, except not on purpose.

I then ponder whether I can pull it off as lazy-chic?

This leads when I get home from The World, rummaging around in my desk drawers for the needle and thread I know is in here somewhere, and attempting to Fix Things. I stitch black thread onto my read sweater, crooked and inside out, and if it’s still doesn’t look any better at least it holds up. At least I can wear it a hundred more times until I get a job and can buy fashionable new clothes and an iron befitting a modern pioneer such as myself (I say this because when I was explaining this situation to Georgette, she mentioned Little House on the Prairie and it made my desperation seem cooler) (okay still not cool).

Anyway, if anyone has these sort of clothes-falling-down-around-you problems, and not enough money to restock, here’s a link to Wikihow teaching you how to fix your clothes. Thanks, internet.


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