6 Reasons Not to Write Today: A Discouragement

Sometimes you just have to go for it and not write today. These are some of those times:

1. It’s cold. It’s a proven medical fact that cold weather is not good for writing. What it is good for: wearing a blanket all day, drinking warm beverages, sleeping.


Don’t write in cold weather. It is bad for you.

2. You’re too tired. According to the latest science, most Americans are not getting enough sleep. So put away the computer, typewriter, pen and ink and focus on your health for a while.


Don’t write while you’re sleepy. It is bad for you.

3. You’re too hyper. How can I sit down and write when I just want to run around everywhere and do everything and then do a cartwheel.  Plus if I write something now it will probably come out weird because I have no attention span and just want to-


Don’t write when you’re hyper. It is bad for you.

4. The sun is shining. I can see it out my window and am sure if I were outside a beautiful breeze would rustle through my hair and it would feel like freedom. A cat is walking across my street. I should go pet it.


Don’t write when it’s nice out. It is bad for you.

5. You have nothing to write about. I wasn’t born yesterday but I may as well have been. There is nothing interesting about me so maybe I should stop trying to force myself on people.


Don’t write when you’re boring. It is bad for you.

6. You’re hungry. Screw the starving artist. I’m thinking pizza, or a peanut butter sandwhich. If I write right now it wil involve a weird amount of cheese and pepperoni. People will notice.


Don’t write hungry. It is bad for you.

That’s it. Hope this helps some with your procrastination. It sure helped with mine.


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