Keep Healthy Doses Of Delusion In Your Back Pocket

The Naysayer: When are you getting a real job?

Poor Writer: I have one, actually.

The Naysayer: Yeah, being a writer (scoff, scoff).

Poor Writer: I have a day job (expletive going off in brain), but I’m a writer too.

The Naysayer: So where can I find your book (douchey, smug expression on face)?”


People don’t need to understand why you aspire to the things you do, or why you’re doing it. They just need to respect the fact that you’re ambitions aren’t theirs and they don’t need to be. The world’s comprised of many kinds. Besides the lack of encouragement we are all faced with at some point, the real punch in the stomach is when those rejection letters and emails start rolling in.


Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us writers have fantasized about the day our work will be read by someone of note who can’t put down our manuscript and runs screaming into the night, “I must publish this woman!” The first time I submitted work was for a writers conference. Truthfully, I was mindlessly optimistic about my prospects of acceptance. My fantasy land author’s brain told me, “You’re a swell writer. Of course they’ll take you.” I believed in myself and the strength of my work and when the rejection letter of doom was opened, I was a bit upset, but I didn’t despair.

I realized being realistic about my odds would be my best friend, as well as doing some hefty research about the places I was interested in submitting work. With that being said, keep writing despite the rejections and naysayers. Writing is a craft that is ever evolving. In the mean time I’ll be writing, reading, taking classes whenever I’m able. You gotta be in it to win it, right?

Disappointments come with the territory of being any kind of artist, or having aspirations of any kind. Keep on keeping on and you’ll be just fine. I like to think of my setbacks as practical jokes the universe taunts me with. Oh universe, how you kid me so.



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