A Brief Thought On Fashion Sense: Make The Most Of What You Own

“I love your look, it’s so…it’s so…bohemian.”

I'm flattered, albeit confused at times.

I’m flattered, albeit confused at times.


I hear this often and sure enough, I take it as a compliment, though it’s a double-edged sword at times. My look is composed of faded denim, Kahlo inspired floral printed dresses, and 70s obsessed trousers and blouses. Truth be told, it comes together out of sheer randomness, and budget tended pockets.

Typically I recycle my threads throughout the seasons until they are threadbare; which people often mistake for faux distressed thrift finds as if I’m some closeted rich hipster. Having to rummage through my closet and dresser drawers for outfits does have its benefits.

1. It forces me to get creative with what I wear.

Total badass.

Total badass.


Having to put a fresh spin on a played out top, dress, or whatever else has given me a keen eye to spot small accessories like a belt, hat, or even a lipstick to give it a different feel. Make good with what you have. Expensive clothing doesn’t equal style.

2. I’m able to prioritize.

Buying the trendiest of everything isn’t important to me. I’d rather allot that money towards a nice dinner with friends and family, use it to travel, or save it for the days where binge drinking coffee (and other things) is a necessity.  Plus, saving money for quality pieces that’ll last close to a lifetime is something to keep in mind also. Quality over quantity.

Whenever I get frustrated from lacking a plethora of style options, I tell myself  “don’t sweat it, you won’t be a poor writer forever.”




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