Navigating Holiday Parties

Parties can be an anxiety ridden experience for a poor writer, but here’s some advice. . . Nurse That Drink. The trick to ensuring a happy wallet by the end of the night and the holiday season is rationing.  Remember, the more people you speak to and the more moves you bust on the dance floor will deter people from asking, “You still drinking that?”

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be nursing your drink as if your sanity depended on it. Dancing is a great option seeing as most people may assume you might be drunk and who cares if you’re no longer drinking if you’re already wasted.  There you go, two birds with one stone. Channel your inner Michael Scott and get onto that dance floor, poor writers.


Of course there’s no need to drink at all and if for whatever reason you’re being pressured into the drinking festivities, you can always pump the breaks with, “I’m the designated driver.” Be the hero of the evening and offer up support of the more inebriated bodies around you. Not only will you ensure the safety of those present, but you’ll also be pegged as the responsible one.  Three cheers for responsibility.

Lastly, dining at restaurants and snacking at bars adds up quickly. What I like to do is order an appetizer that comes in pieces, like nachos.  This way you can eat piece by piece, while tricking your yourself into believing you’re full.  Mind over matter.


P.S. If you can’t take the tedium of penny pinching, well you wouldn’t be the first.  No one has to know you cry yourself to sleep.  Self-restraint can always be practiced next year.

Happy Holidays.


One thought on “Navigating Holiday Parties

  1. Nachos. Smart way to make it last longer. Also has the added bonus of looking like you’re really giving, because when someone asks for a bite, they only take one chip.

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