A Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is a stressful, joyous time for anyone, not just poor writers. For instance, you might be wondering what exactly should I get that poor writer acquaintance of mine?

Well, I’m here to help you traverse the shopping malls and online catalogs, so you can get your very own Poor Writer—whether they are your brother, sister, aunt—a cool holiday gift.

A Metro Card

Insufficient Fare

What better way to show that you support your poor writer than by paying for their subway fare? Don’t go too crazy here. Even $20 will cover a good amount of trips. Perhaps that Poor Writer friend is a freelancer, looking for a quiet place with free Wi-Fi to work? Or maybe that Poor Writer is trying to go to job interviews. Either way, you’re sure to please anyone with the gift of transportation.

Dinner & Company

cat dinner

It sucks when you make a poor writer buy you a present in return. Instead, offer to just go out to dinner, but—and this is important—don’t buy each other dinner. Just buy your own dinner and the Poor Writer will purchase his or her own dinner. And the gift is each other’s company and easy rapport.

A Poor Writer really appreciates company and easy rapport. It keeps us from dwelling too long in our minds. It gets scary in there.

A Coffee Gift Card of Some Sort


Hell, we’re not picky, but access to coffee outside of one’s apartment is always a treat. Not only are you giving that Poor Writer a place to stay as they write—cheapest rent in New York—but you are giving that poor writer heat, protection from the elements, free Wi-Fi, and sustenance. Your Poor Writer would appreciate it.

Plus, if someone else is buying the coffee, that means we can get fancy coffee.  We can get fancy flavored coffee. Hell yes. 


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